Some sort of home page

Welcome to Shoehorn With Teeth – the website / bored ramblings of Gilmore Davidson, a web developer in Sydney, Australia.

Despite building lots of websites for other people, I always struggle to build my own (the cobbler’s children have no shoes), so this site is far from complete.

I’m not really a blogging sort of person, but I’ve always found a lot of helpful tips and workarounds for obscure bugs from people who have blogged about the weird and wonderful things they’ve encountered during development. Therefore, I figure if I blog, or rant, or just generally brain dump about obscure stuff I’ve found in the course of my work, it might end up being helpful for someone else.
Whether that actually ends up being the case is yet to be determined…

Oh, and what’s a shoehorn with teeth? Well, there’s no such thing, of course.