Huh? (About Me)

Some random facts about me, in easy-to-digest bullet points:

  • I currently work as a Development Team Lead for Atlassian in Sydney, on the AUI library. Prior to that I was a full-time JavaScript developer.
  • In my spare time I sometimes write other bits of code for fun, mostly on Github.
  • You’ll find me at SydJS every month, mostly without fail.
  • I very often procrastinate about putting a proper website together.
  • In fact, websites are a small part of the large list of things I’m very good at procrastinating about – my development ideas list is so stupendously overwhelming I’ll probably only ever get about one third completed.
  • They Might Be Giants are referenced a lot when I’m around.
  • I’m a big sports fan (soccer/football, AFL and tennis mainly) but have limited skills when actually playing. Working on sports-related coding = fun times.

How to contact me (if you feel so inclined)

  • Email: site at shoehornwithteeth dot com
  • Twitter: @iamnotyourbroom (TMBG reference again)
  • Facebook: Ha! I have no account.
  • Google+: Ha again! I have an account but never check it – I’m not a social butterfly.
  • (Whichever social network becomes a fad next): Probably won’t be there either.