Open Source Projects

My Projects

All my open source JavaScript projects are on GitHub – mainly jQuery plugins at the moment:

Align With
Position an element relative to any other element.
This was later superseded by jQuery UI’s .position() function, which also includes collision detection, but I’m not fond of their API.
Content Size
Get the total width/height of all an element’s children.
DOM Line
Draw a straight line using a DOM element, allowing CSS styling.
Mostly just an experiment in CSS transforms, needed for a demo of the Nearest Element plugin.
Easing Repeater
Speed up and repeat any easing function many times over the course of a single animation.
IE6 Hover
Add :hover CSS support for any element in IE6 – thankfully this is barely needed any more.
Nearest Element
Find elements closest to a point or another element, based on placement on the page, not the DOM tree.


I’ve also contributed patches and documentation to other open source projects: https://gist.github.com/880505


UFLC – The Unofficial Football League Championship (old and severely in need of a redesign, any takers?)

Can I Animate…? – A reference site to check the animateableness* of CSS properties.

Also lots of sites for agencies, but the problem with agency work is that everything gets taken offline after a while.


*Yes, that’s a made-up word.