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Imagine the scene. It’s late 2022 / early 2023 at a small web technology meetup, or perhaps a larger conference. Either way, the core of the event is people giving presentations about technology.

Roughly a third to half of the presentations involve some variation of the same phrase.

  • “I can be found on Twitter at <username> and Mastodon at <other username>.”
  • “I’m still on Twitter, but I think we’re all moving to Mastodon now, right?”
  • “My Mastodon handle is <blah>, and I still have an account on The Bird Site — assuming it’s still working.”

Questions abound among the discussions during breaks between talks. Who’s moved over to Mastodon? To which server? How are you finding it? Which client app should I use?

The scene has played out for me several times over the last few months. This blog post is my extended answer to the questions. My short answer, though, is something along the lines of “<deflated sigh>… I just can’t be bothered, really.”

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The road to hell…

…is paved with good intentions.

One day I had an idea. It was the solution to two problems I had. “I’ll start a blog,” I thought.

It seemed simple. “There have been so many times when I’ve found solutions to obscure technical problems on random blogs, maybe I should start one myself and put down various tips and tricks I’ve learned, in order to help others.”

It neatly solved the other problem I had at the time (and still have today). “I’m currently only promoting the code projects I write by sending tweets on a stream that can’t be filtered and that easily gets lost in the noise. I need a better system.”

“And hey,” I added to myself, “people at work know I like to rant about things, now I can have a dedicated place to do it.”

The plan was obvious:

  1. Quickly throw together a WordPress install, because screw writing my own blogging engine.
  2. Grab the most basic template I could find, because my design skills are lacking (also, effort).
  3. Build a quick list of things I’ve learned that could be useful to other developers.
  4. Write lots of words ‘n’ shit.
  5. Bask in the inevitable glory.

It seemed to start well. One post done pretty quickly. So far, so good.

Two months later — at which point I hadn’t written any more posts — I came to realise that, thanks to writing blog posts on the company intranet, I didn’t actually enjoy blogging.
Sure, I liked the end result once it was written, but the actual process of taking words out of my brain and committing them to disk was not a fun one.

“Oh well, I can persevere. I’d really like to get these thoughts out into the wild.”




Yeah, that didn’t work out so well.

So this, the second blog post, is an attempt to publicly commit to actually writing stuff here. Because, obviously, once it’s on the internet it MUST BE TRUE.

Let’s see how long this lasts.